Pentecostal Church Centre,Burbage was established in 1965  by Mr & Mrs. Dawkins commencing with childrens work. 1966 Mr & Mrs. Corbett joined Mr & Mrs. Dawkins and together began to establish an adult work.Feb 1968 Home missions conducted an evangelistic crusade with evangelist Melvin Banks. Following a 3 week crusade, during which 364 enquires were made, John Bromley was invited to lead the pioneer work.

Nov 1969 John Bromley resigned and Pastor Ken Rowlands oversaw the work whilst also pastoring the church in Wigston. He brought in John King to assist and after about 9 months Pastor Ken Rowlands stepped aside for John King to assume leadership of the work which he did until 1974, by which time the work had progressed from pioneer to full status.

1974 Pastor A. Mabey was invited to lead the church. When he came we were worshipping in hired premises know as the Westfield Centre.

1984 We embarked on a building project and in June 1986 we moved into our present building in Tilton Road, Burbage.

1986 saw the premature retirement due to ill health of Pastor Mabey.

1988 Pastor K. Speck was appointed as leader until 1990. He resigned following a short but profitable period of leadership.

1990 saw the appointment of Pastor D. Freeman until 1994.

1994 saw the return of Pastor Mabey and Pastor Rowlands, who jointly oversaw the work until 1997 when Andrew and Shirley Dudfield were inviteded to oversee the work.

2009 Pastor Solomon Bentu came and continues to lead in our earthly pilgrimage.